Refuge Films

We are Adam, Jared, Jamison, Laken, and Mikey; a group of 5 students that attend Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee. Between us we are majoring in Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Film, Religion, Communications, and Linguistics. Between these five filmmakers, we have 20 years of film experience and 10 years with social work. Our goal is to build a system of self-sustaining projects like this. Our ultimate mission is to both empower communities to begin to turn problems into prosperity and capture the stories of their transformation. Currently, we are working solely from spare time and extreme passion but we are certain that this is what we want to do with our lives. We believe that from this project, the future of our work is being established and given a foundation.

Jamison and Jared have been working and learning together since the age of 15. Both are skilled and proficient in business development, creative development, marketing, and various film production skills.

Laken is a double major in film and religion at Carson-Newman University and has grown in his skill of cinematography and editing in the last 4 years. Laken is very creative and proficient with editing tools and never ceases to provide an incredible film at the end of his work.

Adam is extremely entrepreneurial and is vital to the success of the film. Adam’s creativity and passion fuel much of what happens with this project. Within production, Adam’s speciality is cinematography, he’s always consistent in getting fantastic and compelling shots.

Mikey is a creative and talented writer, of both words and music. Mikey works to make the script of the refuge film flow and be without blemish. He’s also an extremely talented composer, musician, and vocalist. Some of his instrumental and vocal tracks will be premiered in the film.