How do you tell a story that’s happened six months in the past and has far too many levels of complexity?

That was Nathan Clarke’s task when he arrived in Jos, Nigeria, a relatively peaceful city that every couple of years is engulfed in violence between Christians and Muslims that had led to bloodshed and death.

As the filmmaker’s day in the village began to wind down, his guide took him to a small church just outside Jos. There he met Victor, the pastor, who told the story of his congregation. As the violence engulfed Jos, the Muslim community situated just next door attacked the church, killing two of Victor’s parishioners. As Victor told this filmmaker this story, a group of about 15 Muslim youth, none older that 18 (and some were as young as 8), were performing military style marching drills in the opening adjacent to the church. As the pastor talked about struggling to forgive his neighbors, Clarke was deeply moved by what he heard and saw.

Directed by Nathan Clarke Nathan Clarke thumb

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