Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke

Nathan is a documentary filmmaker living in Madison, WI with his family. He is also the video director at Christianity Today and the Director of This Is Our City. Nathan recently completed work on a feature documentary, Wrestling For Jesus.

Initially Clarke wanted to make this film because he was really interested in faith and religion and the very beautiful and troubling things people do because of religion. He said, when people talk about religion, they never address both good and bad. “People tend to focus on one or the other. Part of what I try to do is look at that intersection of the absolute wonderful things that can happen and the scary things.”

Nathan Clarke is the founder of Fourth Line Films, specializing in observational documentaries and web-based storytelling. His reel includes films about backyard wrestling, gangs imprisoned in Guatemala, hog wrassling, and the “prosperity gospel. Clients include PBS, HDNet, Zondervan, and Christianity Today, and he has collaborated with noted author Andy Crouch on several projects dealing with the intersection of sociology and faith, both in the US and abroad.

He has taught workshops Full Compass and Lucent Room Studios on topics such as the benefits and drawbacks of gear such as DSLRs and Canon 5D mark II and t2i. Prior to starting his own company, Nate worked as a creative director, writer, producer and editor at twentyonehundred productions.

In addition to filmmaking, Nate is a history buff, holding a BA in History from the University of Mary Washington. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and daughter. His reel, resume and recent work can be seen at